Vendor Spotlight: Gary Gann


Collector Gary Gann at the Gulf Coast Military Collectibles and Antique Arms Show

In an interview with Collector/Dealer Gary Gann, we discovered why he loves militaria and collecting:

GCMCAAS:  How long have you been collecting militaria?

Gann: Roughly 30 years or so.

GCMCAAS: When did you start dealing at the Gulf Coast Military Collectors and Antique Arms show?

Gann: Almost from the start of the show, maybe the second show… back in 2004.

GCMCAAS: What is your specialty in militaria?

Gann:  I really like items from the Indian Wars time period.  It’s fascinating to me.

GCMCAAS: What do you enjoy most about collecting military artifacts?

Gann:  Honestly, it’s about the history– everything about it.  Studying, learning, understanding our military past– sharing it with others.  I also really enjoy meeting other collectors and hearing their stories.  That’s why I love this show. It’s a great place to make new friends and connections in the militaria marketplace.




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