GCMCAAS : When did you first get interested in militaria?
Rick: There’s a picture of me at 9 years old wearing a German helmet… I guess I was fascinated with history way back then! I went to my first gun show in 1959 and saw Lugers, Mausers and all sorts of edged weapons… it became a passion for me.

GCMCAAS : What do you specialize in?

Rick: I started collecting Imperial German and WWII militaria in high school, and feature a lot of that for sale. But also US and Japanese WWII items as well. I focused on quality and condition. 

GCMCAAS : How long have you attended this show?

Rick: I’ve been here since the very first Gulf Coast Military Collectors show. 

GCMCAAS : What do you like most about collecting and selling militaria? 

Rick : Learning about the history of the item from the veteran or family members of the seller.  It’s amazing and so interesting. You learn so much in this field. I guess you’d call me a “chronic collector”… 

Come visit with Rick and all the great vendors this Friday and Saturday at the Gulf Coast Military Collectors and Antique Arms show, Joppa Shriners Center, Biloxi MS!

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