GCMCAAS : When did you first get interested in militaria?
Rick: There’s a picture of me at 9 years old wearing a German helmet… I guess I was fascinated with history way back then! I went to my first gun show in 1959 and saw Lugers, Mausers and all sorts of edged weapons… it became a passion for me.

GCMCAAS : What do you specialize in?

Rick: I started collecting Imperial German and WWII militaria in high school, and feature a lot of that for sale. But also US and Japanese WWII items as well. I focused on quality and condition. 

GCMCAAS : How long have you attended this show?

Rick: I’ve been here since the very first Gulf Coast Military Collectors show. 

GCMCAAS : What do you like most about collecting and selling militaria? 

Rick : Learning about the history of the item from the veteran or family members of the seller.  It’s amazing and so interesting. You learn so much in this field. I guess you’d call me a “chronic collector”… 

Come visit with Rick and all the great vendors this Friday and Saturday at the Gulf Coast Military Collectors and Antique Arms show, Joppa Shriners Center, Biloxi MS!

Vendor Spotlight: Steve Szulczynski

GCMCAAS: How long have you been selling and collecting military antiques?
Steve: Selling about 30 years… collecting since I was just 10 years old.
GCMCAAS: What do you specialize in?
Steve: I specialize in Air Force patches, and current OEF patches.
GCMCAAS: How long have you attended the Gulf Coast Military collectors and Antique Arms show?
Steve: About 8 years… I did my first show here a couple of years after Hurricane Katrina.
GCMCAAS: What’s your favorite thing about collecting and selling militaria?
Steve: Learning about history. You meet such interesting people in this business!
Come see Steve and all the other great vendors this Friday and Saturday at the Gulf Coast Military Collectors and Antique Arms show, Joppa Shriners Center, Biloxi MS!

2019 GCMCAA Show dates are Set!

The Gulf Coast Military Collectors and Antique Arms show dates have been set for the new year 2019.

Spring Show: May 10-11, 2018

Fall Show: September 27-28, 2019

Both shows will be held at the Joppa Shriner’s Center, Biloxi, MS.

For information on vendor or display tables, contact show organizers:

Terrell Hamilton at 228-224-1120/ email:

OR Gary Gann, 228-860-3575/email:


Vendor Spotlight: Gary Gann


Collector Gary Gann at the Gulf Coast Military Collectibles and Antique Arms Show

In an interview with Collector/Dealer Gary Gann, we discovered why he loves militaria and collecting:

GCMCAAS:  How long have you been collecting militaria?

Gann: Roughly 30 years or so.

GCMCAAS: When did you start dealing at the Gulf Coast Military Collectors and Antique Arms show?

Gann: Almost from the start of the show, maybe the second show… back in 2004.

GCMCAAS: What is your specialty in militaria?

Gann:  I really like items from the Indian Wars time period.  It’s fascinating to me.

GCMCAAS: What do you enjoy most about collecting military artifacts?

Gann:  Honestly, it’s about the history– everything about it.  Studying, learning, understanding our military past– sharing it with others.  I also really enjoy meeting other collectors and hearing their stories.  That’s why I love this show. It’s a great place to make new friends and connections in the militaria marketplace.




The May 4-5 2018 Gulf Coast Military Collectors and Antique Firearms Show is Near!

Come join us next weekend, Friday May 4 and Saturday May 5 at the Joppa Shiner’s Center, Biloxi, MS to see some of the Gulf Coast’s finest collections of militaria and antique firearms– buy, sell, trade and appraisals!  Friendly and knowledgable dealers, food available on site and plenty of parking make this show a must-do for avid militaria collectors and history buffs. Show hrs: Friday, May 4 11AM to 6 PM and Saturday, May 5 9 AM to 4 PM.  Admission is $7 per person.

8 foot Vendor tables are available for $50 each.  For more information, contact:

Terrell Hamilton at (phone 228-224-1120)

or Gary Gann at (phone 228-860-3575)

Check out some of the photos from last September’s show and you’ll see why– history comes alive at the Gulf Coast Military Collector’s and Antique Firearms Show!  See you there!

2018 Show dates are set!

The Gulf Coast Military Collectors and Antique Arms show dates for 2018 have been set! The Spring show will be Friday and Saturday, May 4 – 5, and the Fall show will be Friday, and Saturday, October 5-6. Show hours are 11 AM to 6 PM on Friday, and 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturday. Exhibitor set up is Friday from 7 AM to 11 AM.

Location is the Joppa Shriners Center, Biloxi, MS.  Ticket prices are $7.00 at the gate, and all proceeds benefit the Joppa Shriners!

New Spring 2019 Show Dates!

WHEN: Friday, May 10, 2019 11 AM to 6 PM

 AND Saturday, May 11 2018 9 AM to 4 PM


WHAT: Military Memorabilia, Antique Firearms, Swords, Edged Weapons, Uniforms, Helmets, Medals and Decorations, Insignia, Books, Flags, Documents and more!

  • 100 + Tables Available!Buy-Sell-Trade-Appraisals-Display

  • 8 Ft. Trade Tables– $50.00

  • Display Tables (non-selling) $40.00

For Table Reservations and info, contact:

Terry Hamilton, (228) 224-1120 (cell)  


Gary Gann, (228)860-3575 (cell)


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